Top Albums of 2009 – #17

Heaven & HellThe Devil You Know

Heaven & Hell - The Devil You Know

Heaven & Hell - The Devil You Know

Black Sabbath return with a triumphant new album with Dio at the helm! Except, well, it’s not really Black Sabbath. But it is. They call themselves Heaven & Hell now, after Dio’s first Sabbath album, in order to differentiate themselves from Ozzy-fronted Black Sabbath, which still exists. Basically, there are 2 Black Sabbaths now. One has Dio singing and Vinny Appice on drums (the early 80s Sabbath lineup) and the other is the original 70s lineup with Ozzy singing and Bill Ward on drums. Confusing? It’s clearly explained at the H&H wikipedia entry.
Anyway, on to the album. Definitely heavy metal. This slab of metal is chock full of riffs and delicious Tony Iommi leads. Geezer’s bass trembles everywhere, particularly strong on the near-epic Bible Black. Lots of mid-paced metal, which normally isn’t my thing but man do these guys ever do it right. Dio’s vocals are stronger than ever (let’s hope he recovers from the cancer he was recently diagnosed with). So many good songs, but the standouts are Bible Black, Eating The Cannibals (the fastest cut), Neverwhere and The Turn of The Screw.
A very strong, metal album and hey… dig that cover?! That is a heavy metal cover. This solid album gets:
Grimby’s Rating: 8/10

Top 20 of 2009:
20 – Mastodon- Crack The Skye
19 – Wolf – Ravenous
18 – Alestorm – Black Sails At Midnight
17 – Heaven & Hell – The Devil You Know


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