Top Albums of 2009 – #15


Voivod - Infini

Voivod - Infini

Piggy’s final legacy is given life in what could be the final Voivod album. His last recorded music ideas form the basis for this fifteenth release from these Canadian metal legends.

The entire trilogy of Jasonic-era albums all have a similar sound; but Infini to my ears sounds the heaviest. It kicks off with a very heavy number; “God Phones” setting the tone for a truly heavy album. “Earthache” and “Global Warning” are punchier numbers that keep the ball rolling. Then come a couple of atmospheric mood-setters in “Room with a V.U.” and “Destroy After Reading”. “KRAP Radio” returns the punchiness and the album peters in and out of various explorations of sound… until album closer “Volcano” which tips an obvious nod to Motorhead in the intro before exploding balls out into a thrash n roll heavy-fest; capping a great album & possibly capping the band’s studio output. Here’s to you Piggy.

Grimby’s Rating: 8/10

Top 20 of 2009:
20 – Mastodon- Crack The Skye
19 – Wolf – Ravenous
18 – Alestorm – Black Sails At Midnight
17 – Heaven & Hell – The Devil You Know
16 – Slayer – World Painted Blood
15 – Voivod – Infini


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