Top Albums of 2010

After much mullling over, this seems to be the final list of my 15 favourite albums of 2010 (I bought and like 30!).

1. OverkillIronbound
Grimby says: Great return to form! Blitz sounds deadly!

2. SoilworkThe Panic Broadcast
Grimby says: Soilwork comes out of nowhere and releases their best album… ever.

3. High On FireSnakes For The Divine
Grimby says: Their best one yet, IMHO. Frost Hammer!

4. The SwordWarp Riders
Grimby says: Classic-rock sounding metallic goodness.

5. Kalmah12 Gauge
Grimby says: My favourite death metal band delivers again.

6. HeathenThe Evolution Of Chaos
Grimby says: These thrash legends certainly delivered. Tonnes of great thrash riffs.

7. Rhapsody Of FireThe Frozen Tears Of Angels
Grimby says: Yet another pleasant surprise, huge return to form for these guys after the last (shitty) effort.

8. Tempting TragedyDescent Into Madness
Grimby says: Local band makes good! Their performance a few weeks back sealed the deal for a top 10 finish

9. Wuthering HeightsSalt
Grimby says: Awesome power-prog from Denmark

10. Cradle Of FilthDarkly Darkly Venus Aversa
Grimby says: Another surprisingly great release, their best since Midian

11. RimfrostVeraldar Nagli
Grimby says: Death-black-thrash goodness. The Raventhrone!

12. NevermoreThe Obsidian Conspiracy
Grimby says: After This Godless Endeavor, this one was a let down for me personally, but still great.

13. VolbeatBeyond Hell / Above Heaven
Grimby says: Unbelievable how catchy these guys are.

14. ForbiddenOmega Wave
Grimby says: Another let down, I expected so much more from these thrash gods. Heathen & Overkill stole their thunder.

15. WitcheryWitchkrieg
Grimby says: Another minor let down, but enough good songs to crack my top 15. The title track alone lends it much credit.

Overall, 2010 was notable either for return-to-form albums or career-best albums, and a few let-downs. I could easily list another 15 good albums!
Here’s to hoping that 2011 delivers some more great metal.


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