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Why Carey Price is the NHL’s MVP this season

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Look, I like Pekka Rinne.  He’s an outstanding goaltender.  I just don’t think he is more valuable to his team than Carey Price is to the Canadiens.  I agree that they are both legitimate contenders for the Vezina.  Right now, Price’s stats are better than Rinne’s which would suggest a Price win for Vezina; however these stats are always in a state of flux and could easily change after just a couple of bad games.



I tried to validate my MVP argument using the Goals For statistic, as Nashville is 4th in the league in GF while Montreal is 18th (behind even the lowly Toronto Maple Leafs).  (edit: Montreal now has one goal more than TML after the 4-0 win).  When a team is scoring more goals, they’re less reliant on the keeper to net them the 2 points.  The conclusion is that, a goaltender with similar stats, on a team that scores considerably less goals, is more valuable.

So, I told you to compare the Goals For of both teams, and still some of you doubted.  So here are more stats that support my Price-for-Hart argument:(Note: these stats are based on the gamestate before Saturday night’s games)




Goals per game:

Nashville’s 2.94  is 3 tenths higher than Montreal’s 2.64.  That’s a big difference as Nashville’s GPG is 6th overall and Montreal’s stat is only good for 20th.  Still not convinced?  Montreal’s GPG of 2.64 is the worst of the top 15 teams (Boston, at 16th, has 2.61).  Look guys, you can’t win games when your team is not scoring goals (unless you’re the Montreal Canadiens).  The fact that Montreal’s record is as good as it is, clearly to me, is due to their goaltender.  That’s the MVP difference.


Shots For/Against per game:

Nashville shoots 3.4 shots more per game than their opponents.  Montreal shoots 1.5 shots LESS per game than their opponents.  Nashville is 3rd overall shots for, Montreal is 24th; Nashville’s shots allowed is 9th lowest while Montreal is 22nd in that department.  Bottom line, Montreal goaltenders are seeing more rubber than Nashville’s and statistically, the teams who shoot more score more and who allow less shots allow less goals.


Being Outshot:

Nashville’s win percentage is an amazing .743 when they outshoot their opponents (which statistically is more often), however when they are themselves outshot, that percentage drops to .556.  Montreal’s percentage difference is not so drastic, winning .667 the few times they outshoot the opponent, and an incredible.613 win percentage when they are outshot.  Montreal is 2nd overall in that department.  Goaltending.


Let’s look at the backup goalies:

Another argument I heard is that Nashville only wins with Rinne in goal and not with their backup; and that Montreal’s record would be negligibly influenced by who is in net.  If that is true, then Carter Hutton’s stats should stink and Tokarski’s stats should be similar to Price’s… let’s have a look:





So, there is more disparity between the Habs goalies than between the Preds goalies.

I’ve now shut down every argument I’ve heard for Rinne over Price in the MVP race.  I’m sure the Rinne supporters will come up with something though, rather than just admit that they’re wrong.


But Grimby, you’re biased because you’re a Canadiens fan.  Of course, but I can remain objective, and the numbers don’t lie. Plus, I was not always a Carey Price supporter.  I was upset when the team traded away Halak, and ever since then I had always compared Halak’s performance to Price’s.  But something changed with Carey at the Olympics last year.  I agree he earned his way there, but I was worried about how he would perform.  He rose up to the grand occasion, and proved that he was the best goaltender in the World.  And he’s been the best goaltender in the World ever since.

In June 2015, Carey Price will win the Hart Trophy for having been the season’s Most Valuable Player of the NHL.